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Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program


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Course Requirements

12th/Gradution/PostGraduate/BBA/MBA/Business Owners/Influencers/Freelancers

Course Description

Advanced Digital Marketing Program
  (3 Months Class + Live Project Training + 3 Months Internship + Six Month 
     Experience Letter)


—Introduction to Digital Marketing
—Digital Marketing Landscape
—Traditional vs Digital Marketing
—Understanding Digital Business Models
—Digital Marketing Strategy
—Introduction to Search Engines for Marketing Applications
—Introduction to Social Media Marketing
—Online Reputation Management and Online Brands
—Measuring and Evaluating Digital Campaigns
—Search Engine Optimization
—Local SEO
—Social Media Optimization
—Defining Social Media Marketing
—Elements of Social Media Marketing
—Social Media Vehicles Elements of Social Media Marketing Strategies
—Social Media Campaign Management
—Facebook Marketing
—LinkedIn Marketing
—Instagram Marketing
—Twitter Marketing
—YouTube Marketing
—WhatsApp Marketing
—Mobile Marketing
—Performance Marketing
—Affiliate Marketing
—Influencer Marketing
—Blogger Outreach
—Content Marketing
—Email/Catalogue Marketing
—Online Reputation Management
—Search Engine Marketing
—Google Advertising
—Banner Advertisement
—Display Advertisement
—Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
—Bid and PPC Calculation
—Wordpress Website
—Graphic Design/PhotoShop
—Pages Creations
—Blog Post
—Content Posts
—Google My Business Page Setup
—Google Website
—Google Listings
—Google Story
— Online Money Making
— Selling Digital Marketing Services
— Ecommerce & Marketplace Selling
——Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics
—Predictive Analytics and its Applications in Digital Marketing
—Google Analytics
—Selected Tool(s) for Analytics in Marketing
—Understanding Web Analytics
—Promotion Analytics
—Social Network Analysis
—Uses Of AI in Digital Marketing
—Advanced Web Analytics
—Conversion Rate Optimization
—Advanced Search Engine Optimization
—Social Media Advertising
—Advanced Search Advertising
—Google Display Network Advertising
—Video Advertising
—Remarketing & Recall Ads
  —Competitor Analysis
—Lead Generation
— Uses Of AI in Digital Marketing
— Advanced Web Analytics
— Conversion Rate Optimization
— Advanced Search Engine Optimization
— Social Media Advertising
— Advanced Search Advertising
— Google Display Network Advertising
— Video Advertising
— Remarketing & Recall Ads
— Competitor Analysis
— Podcast Creation
— Microsoft Clarity
—Digital Marketing Interview Preparation

Course Outcomes

Digital Marketing Certificate + 3 Months Internship + 6 Months Experience Letter.

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Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program ( 6 Months)


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